Risa Alfieri, Psy.D.

Welcome! My name is Dr. Risa Alfieri, and I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist. Over the last decade, I have worked in a variety of settings, including a boarding school, an inpatient hospital, an inpatient eating disorder clinic, private practice, and a university counseling center. I am beyond excited to bring my expertise and experience to you and the other clients at Ally Psychological Services!

I specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Integrative Nutrition (IN) to treat depression, anxiety, mood disorders, eating disorders, and other phase of life concerns. I am passionate about serving people from all walks of life, regardless of age, gender identity, race, religion, or sexuality. When we work together, you can expect openness, warmth, genuineness, collaboration, and even some laughter. I am an active participant in our sessions, which means it should feel like we’re in this together and that you’re not talking to a brick wall. Ultimately, I think it is a privilege to be trusted to hear your stories and to guide you through this phase of life. 

When I'm not at work helping someone like you…

I love to be outside! I find the quiet meditative element of nature to be the perfect respite from our busy lives. To balance out a job that usually requires a lot of sitting, I love to weight-lift, do yoga, skydive, and snowboard. I also love to cook and eat great food.

Fun Facts About Me You Might Enjoy

  • I love to go birding (aka spy on the birds to identify them)
  • I am an avid skydiver with over 1500 jumps
  • I live a minimalist lifestyle
  • I have the worst sense of direction. My friends and family say I “could get lost in a paper bag.”
  • I can’t stop going to school (my mom calls me her ‘forever student’)

Education and Training

For undergrad, I earned a Bachelor of the Arts from the State University of New York at New Paltz, where I majored in Psychology and Gender and Sexuality Studies. Next, I attended graduate school at Widener University, where I concurrently earned a Master of Education in Human Sexuality and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. While at Widener, I completed my internship training at their Counseling and Psychological Services center. After graduation, I completed a CBT intensive residency where I became a Certified Integrative Mental Health Practitioner with advanced training in integrating nutrition to support mental health.

Let's Connect!

Ally Psychological Therapy Practice

When we speak on the phone, we want to take the time to answer any questions you have about therapy with us. During our initial chat, we will go over policies and fees for the type and length of the sessions that fit you best.

We want you to make the most informed decision about your therapy journey.

We invest our time, money, and energy into so many things each week: salon visits, gym memberships, personal training, dining out, and new stuff. Most people invest on visible and tangible things but neglect essentials they (and others) can’t see.

Ask yourself – are you doing everything you should be for your mental health?

Our Therapy Services

We provide private therapy and counseling in our Fountainville, PA offices or secure telehealth sessions for clients who wish to stay home, avoid commuting, or even just save time.

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