Therapy For When You're Feeling Down

Start Feeling Like You Did Before Depression

If you’re like most of the people we help, you probably want to…
Man Getting back to normal after therapy for depression in Bucks County, PA
  • Find Happiness Again
  • Learn To Quiet Negative Thoughts
  • Improve Your Sleep
  • Feel Like You’re In Control
  • Feel More Energized
  • Strengthen Your Relationships
  • Develop Specific Coping Skills

Let’s Talk About Depression...

Because It’s Different For Everyone

Even though depression is one of the most common mental health disorder, everyone experiences it differently. Some days you feel more like yourself, while other days you can barely get out of bed. No matter how you experience your sadness, at Ally Psychological Services, your concerns will always be taken seriously. We understand that your sadness is very real, and we want to help you to start feeling better.

Cognitive Symptoms

  • Feeling Sad
  • Feeling hopeless or helpless
  • Memory problems
  • Thinking “What if I wasn’t here?”
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Poor judgment
  • Seeing only the negative

Behavioral Symptoms

  • Low Energy
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Eating more or less
  • Sleeping too much
  • Withdrawing / isolating
  • Loss of joy
  • Neglecting responsibilities

Most People We Help Are Struggling With

Woman with elevated mood after Depression therapy in Doylestown PA
  • A depressed mood most of the day (feeling sad, empty, hopeless, or on the verge of tears)
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in activities you once enjoyed
  • Weight loss (even when not on a diet) or experiencing weight gain. Also note decreases or increases in appetite
  • Difficulty sleeping or being overly tired
  • Restlessness or feeling slowed down
  • Fatigue or a loss of energy
  • Feeling worthless or guilty
  • A lack of concentration or difficulty with decision making
  • Thoughts of death or suicide

Take Small Steps With a Big Impact

Mental Health


Social Life

How Can Therapy Help With Depression?

Everything feels more challenging when you’re dealing with depression. Going to work, socializing with friends, or even just getting out of bed can feel like a struggle.

Together, we are going to figure out what is causing your depression. Not just when it happens, but we are going to address why it’s happening. We’re also going to work together to help you develop tools and skills that are not only effective, but also practical for your everyday life.

Together, we will figure out what does and doesn’t work for you so that you can get back to feeling comfortable and confident, no matter the situation you’re in.

Call us today to find out more about how you can make sure depression stops controlling you.

Am I “Depressed Enough” To Benefit From Therapy?

There is no such thing as needing a certain amount of depression to come to therapy. If you’re uncomfortable and want to work on feeling better, giving us a call and starting therapy is a smart choice. After all, if you’re on this site, it’s safe to say you know things need to change. It also means that you’re taking the first step to start feeling better…which is awesome.

Depression does a lot of pretty awful things to the body and brain. Some pretty common signs of depression are low energy, irritability, not wanting to do things you know you enjoy, and isolating yourself. Give us a call and tell us what’s on your mind, let’s talk about how we can help you.

Speak With Someone That Can Help

If you or a family member struggle with depression,
Ally Psych will provide you with the right mental health resources to treat the problem.

Attend your session in-person at our comfortable Bucks County office or a simple, secure, video therapy call.

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