No One Asks About Dad

A Support Group Just for Dads

A Place to Feel Respected, Heard, Recognized, and Appreciated

You deserve to feel respected. It’s time you feel appreciated. Being a dad is hard and you’re done feeling misunderstood or like everything you do goes unnoticed. You’re not the only one. For 8 weeks, come join other dads where you can get it all off your chest without feeling judged or ridiculed. We’ll also talk about some skills that are actually useful that you can use at home with your kid(s) and partner.

You Can Fix Almost Anything With Duct Tape and WD-40...

…Except This. (Go Ahead, Try. We’ll Wait)

We get it, you’ve tried (almost) everything, and usually you’re at least kind of successful in shoving it all down and ignoring it. But there’s only so much you can put up with and no one wants to see you erupt like a volcano, lose your shit, or have mid-life crisis.

But one thing you probably haven’t tried is talking with a group of dads (and a therapist) about what you’re going through at home and how it sucks. So sign up and give it a try, because it’s probably a hell of a lot better than what you’ve been trying on your own.

Let's Talk About That Thing That Happened That Sucked

Because Talking About Feelings Doesn’t Mean You’re Weak

We promise this isn’t going to be all kumbaya-hippie dippy-man hating-you’re always wrong-frilly-lovey dovey group. Nope. Instead, each week you’re going to talk about real shit. The stuff that happened that sucked. You’re going to be supported by other dads and you’re going to support them too. Because guess what? Dads deserve to be heard. You deserve a space that you can vent and talk and not have to worry about appearing weak or like you don’t know what you’re doing.

Professional Support & Connections

What to Expect
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Gain Tips & Tricks

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Share Experiences

The Right Dad for This Group

You Know There’s More to Talk About
  • You’re a Dad (duh)
  • You feel unappreciated or unrecognized
  • Willing to be open and participate
  • Ready to start feeling better
  • Will commit 1 hour/week for 8 weeks

Group Facilitator:

Brian Poling, MA, LPC

Group Session Schedule

When: Thursdays, 6 PM – 7 PM
Duration: 8 Consecutive Weeks
Where: 5049 Swamp Rd, Suite 303, Fountainville, PA 18923
Cost: 600
(total for 8 sessions)

Space is Limited! Reserve Your Spot Today!

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