Therapy For Young Adults

Professional Help From A Therapist You Can Actually Relate To

  • Master Time Management
  • Set & Meet Your Goals
  • Find Work-Life Balance
  • Revitalize Relationships
  • Eliminate Burnout
  • Job Growth & Career Changes
  • Find or Create Your Dream Job

Who Is This Service For?

Those Who Want To Become an Adultier-Adult

Overnight it seems like you’re expected to know exactly what to do with your life. At some point, you transition from not needing to make life changing decisions to being out on your own. You’ve probably heard the term “adulting”  – the idea of acting more responsibly and doing necessary (but sometimes boring) tasks.

Struggling to figure out credit & debt, negotiating salary, building friendships & relationships, and generally transitioning into adulthood without guidance can be confusing and cause a lot of stress and anxiety. You’ve probably said something like, “I know that I’m technically an adult, but I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing.”

Adulting usually leads to a lot of questions like, should I be buying a house? Should I change jobs? How can I get that promotion? Should I get married? No one taught you how to be an adult, but I am here to help change that.

Figure out where you want to go & how to get there with counseling for emerging adults.

Mental Health

Career Goals


Social Life

Visit A Therapist That Get's It.

I want you to feel comfortable in session.

If that means you like to use curse words… fuck it, me too. If that means you’d feel more secure wrapped up in a blanket, I’ve got you covered.

When most people think of a male psychologist they think of an old, white, fat guy with a beard. I’m not old, I don’t think I’m fat, and I can’t grow a beard to save my life. Because I’m not like the stereotypical therapist, I do things a little bit differently.

Don’t struggle getting yesterday’s advice from a therapist who doesn’t know what a meme is and asks for your help with their new phone.

Why Work With Ally Psych?

I love working with clients your age because of how little stigma about mental health you have. I know you want to get better and you’re willing to do whatever you need to to make that happen. When I work with clients your age, I know you want to make your own path. I know you want to accomplish your goals. I know you want to work with someone that you can relate to.

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Attend a therapy session in-person at our comfortable  Bucks County office or a simple, secure, video call.

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