Brian Poling, Licensed Professional Counselor

Hey there! My name is Brian Poling, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor at Ally Psychological Services. Over the past 6 years I have worked a number of different roles in schools, summer camps, homes, and outpatient settings. I am thrilled to be able to bring my diverse background to Ally Psych.

I specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) as well as other evidence based practices. I have experiences working with people of all ages in individual, family, couples, and group settings. I enjoy a very active approach to therapy with emphasis on mindfulness and skill development. I bring a very open and understanding approach with strong optimism and the belief that no one is beyond help. A favorite quote of mine is “Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.” By Philosopher Albert Schweitzer. I find this quote inspiring, as it reminds me that there is positivity and happiness all around us if you are looking to find it.

When I am not working, I enjoy staying active by lifting weights, running, and playing with my dog Bella.

A Little About Me

When I am not working, I enjoy staying active by lifting weights, running, and playing with my dog Bella. When I am around the house I always enjoy trying new things to challenge myself and keep busy. I can often be found reading, cooking, wood working, or playing the piano.

A Few Fun Facts

Education and Training

I first attended West Chester University where I received a Bachelor’s of the Arts in Psychology. After receiving my BA I worked in different roles focused on children and teens with emotional support challenges and ASD. I attended the Graduate program at Immaculata University where I graduated with a Master of the Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. While at Immaculata, I interned at Saint Gabriel’s Hall Juvenile Detention Center and at the Elwyn Davidson School. After receiving my MA I stayed on with Elwyn as a group therapist before making the change to Fellowship Health Resources. At Fellowship I received supervision for my license while working as a mobile therapist in a community mental health setting. I have learned from every experience and person I have met along the way, and I am excited to bring these experiences with me to Ally Psych.

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We invest our time, money, and energy into so many things each week: salon visits, gym memberships, personal training, dining out, and new stuff. Most people invest on visible and tangible things but neglect essentials they (and others) can’t see.

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