Stepping out of the Darkness

Managing Depression is Possible

Depression can be immobilizing. It can start slowly and progress rapidly. It impacts every area of your life like a blanket of heaviness and darkness. Sleep, Appetite, Exercise, Career, Relationships, and self-care can all be affected by depression. The feeling that the depression is here to stay and may not go away is terrifying for many. Imagining your life before the depression can be difficult to envision.

The good news is that Depression doesn’t have to stay with you forever. The therapists at Ally Psych have helped hundreds of clients experiencing depression feel better and get back to enjoying their life.

Understanding Your Depression

Everyone experiences sadness. Some people, though, experience something greater, something darker. We know that starting depression therapy can feel overwhelming and like you don’t even know where to start or what to say. That’s okay.

Although Depression can look different for everyone, there are some common signs and symptoms to look out for. If you feel like any of the following signs and symptoms describe your feelings, it’s okay to reach out and let us know. We’re ready to help you start feeling better.

Signs & Symptoms of Depression

a woman in the dark with a night lamp on the side with sleep disturbance

Sleep Disturbances

Even though you try to regulate your sleep, you find that you sleep too much or too little.

a female wearing white polo, holding her forehead because of headache and fatigue, a symptom of depression


No matter how much sleep you seem to get, you feel really low energy, making it difficult to start anything.

an old woman who lost interest at work due to depression

Loss of Interest

You don’t seem to be interested in the things you once loved doing. You find it difficult to get excited.

a woman sitting on the floor with her face on her knees, does not want to move because of lack of motivation

Lack of Motivation

No matter how much sleep you seem to get, you feel really low energy, making it difficult to start anything.

a man feeling Hopeless and Helpless due to depression

Hopeless and Helpless

No matter what you do, nothing will make you feel better, and no one will be able to help you.

You Are Not Alone

We understand that Depression can be difficult to discuss and address. You’ve probably already tried things to help yourself, but if you feel like nothing is working, now is a great time to reach out. The therapists at Ally Psych are here to support you and your healthy goals, whatever those may be. The Bucks County therapists at Ally Psych are trained in some of the best ways to help clients with their depression and get you back on track with your career, relationships, and family. Learn more about depression therapy in Bucks County.

Common Questions About Depression

It’s Okay To Have Questions

Absolutely. There are many effective therapies and medications to treat depression and the various symptoms you may be experiencing.

Like most mental illnesses, there is a genetic component to depression. While this does not mean you will experience depression if one of your parents has been diagnosed with it, you are at a greater risk for experiencing similar symptoms.

No. Many people who experience depression will fully recover. Many others will find some level of relief from their symptoms. There is no quick fix for depression, but there is hope in healing. The fight is worth it – the capacity to flourish in life after depression is possible.

No. While medication may be helpful, many clients prefer not to take medication while working through their depression. If you prefer not to take medication to help with your depression, that’s okay. Your depression therapist at Ally Psych will never shame you for your life choices.

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