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Are You Concerned About Your Child's Behavior at Home or School?

We want to help your child thrive! Early childhood and adolescence are important for developing social and emotional habits that can affect mental well-being later in life. Our expert evaluator will help you understand the causes of your child’s behaviors and provide recommendations, referrals, and treatment – we’re here to guide you through each step of this journey.

Dr. Jen is absolutely fabulous. Not only is she incredibly qualified and good at what she does, but she is also great with children and full of solid parenting tips, which have already made our lives much easier…I would heartily recommend this practice to anyone looking for relevant help.

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Being Comfortable With The Results Matters

With Us You Can Expect:

Psychological Assessment


We offer comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations that are customized to meet the specific needs of your child, taking into account their unique characteristics.

Simple process of Psychoeducational Evaluation

Simple Process

Whether you are seeking an evaluation for the very first time, or are challenging the results of a school district’s evaluation, we will guide you through the process.

A girl in autism evaluation

The Whole Story

You cannot afford to waste time, resources, or energy on an incomplete or rushed evaluation. Our extensive, comprehensive, and holistic process ensures you see the full view of your child’s mental and emotional health.

Autism Evaluation

Thorough & Actionable

Your concerns and questions deserve an assessment that is accurate and comprehensive enough to provide actionable and realistic recommendations.

Holistic process of Psychoeducational Evaluation


We consider all aspects of your child’s life and will work closely with those most important and involved in their care and education.


An in-depth assessment will lead to specific and unique recommendations designed to help you help your child capitalize on their strengths and overcome their challenges.

FAQ for Psychological Assessment

Dr. Jen will incorporate a series of interviews, standardized tests, and questionnaires designed to evaluate specific strengths and weaknesses across several areas of your child’s life, including psychological and social-emotional characteristics. One we collect all of the information, we are able to determine if your child meets criteria for one or more diagnoses. 

You know your child best. If you have concerns about your child’s behaviors, development, or feel like there’s something bigger going on, call us for a free consultation. You should also call us if your child’s doctor, therapist, or teacher recommends getting them evaluated. Our free, confidential, and no-commitment consultations make it easy to make an informed decision about what’s best for your child and their development.

Usually, you and your child will come into the office for one visit, lasting approximately five hours (with breaks). Sometimes, you might need to come in for an additional briefer visit.

Our holistic and comprehensive psychological assessment costs $3,500*. This includes all interviews, assessments, and a feedback session where we go over the results and recommendations of the evaluation with you in detail.

Although we do not accept insurance, you may be entitled to reimbursement from your insurance company depending on your plan’s benefits and the type of evaluation provided.

We are happy to provide payment plans to our families as well with only $1,000 due at the start of the process. Currently, we accept cash, check, credit, debit, or your HSA/FSA card for payments. We will also provide you with a detailed invoice and Superbill upon request.

*An additional charge of $1,000 is required for any Forensic (legal) evaluation.

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on our efforts to collaborate with the important people in your child’s life. Examples of people we may ask to talk to include teachers, therapists, doctors, and family members. We understand the importance of this evaluation for your child’s success and will not take any shortcuts throughout the process.

Yup! When we complete the evaluation and have the results and recommendations ready we will sit down with you for a “feedback session.” During this session, we will review the results, recommendations, provide referrals, and answer any other questions you might have.

We are thrilled to be offering in-person evaluations. We follow strict guidelines to ensure our office is safe and clean for all of our clients. This includes wiping down high touch surfaces, spraying soft surfaces with disinfectant, and using FDA approved air purifiers to help protect against COVID and other illnesses. A portion of assessments, such as interviews, may be able to be completed virtually.

Reasons to request an Psychological Evaluation for your child or teen

The reasons parents may seek an evaluation are unique to each individual. Some common reasons include:

It’s possible that these symptoms could indicate a mental illness or learning disability. You know your child best and it may be beneficial to get a formal diagnosis so that you can choose the right help for your child.

Psychological testing isn’t always about concerns you may have. Sometimes, psychological testing is used to assess their readiness for school or the possibility that they may be gifted. If your child displays some of the traits of giftedness, such as advanced language skills and learning abilities, you might want to seek out psychological testing to determine whether they are gifted. You may also be looking for our Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) to identify your child’s specific learning needs.

At Ally Psychological Services, you will receive a comprehensive psychological evaluation designed to identify your child’s specific needs. We will also work with family members, schools, doctors, psychiatrists, and therapists to help ensure our recommendations are fully understood. When appropriate, we will also provide referrals to other services providers.

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