Grief & Loss

Getting Back to Living Your Life

Grief Can Be Overwhelming

Grief can be all-consuming. It can seep into every area of your life. Your sleep, appetite, career, exercise, and relationships can all be affected by loss and grief. It’s normal to feel a heaviness and a sense that things will never feel the same. It is hard to imagine in the depths of grief that this is a process and that there will be a time when life seems light and simple again.

With the help of Ally Psych, ordinary life, and the simple joys in our days can slowly return as time passes and you move through the grief.

Coping with Grief & Loss

Grief is usually filled with more questions than answers. We understand that you’re dealing with enough right now and don’t need the added stress of researching your symptoms. To help simplify the process for you, below is a list of common signs and symptoms of grief. If you feel like you can relate to some of these, reach out to us so we can help.

Signs & Symptoms of Grief


Grief can create an intense feeling of sadness and heaviness, often feeling like they’re experiencing an episode of depression.


Feeling like your mind is racing or being in a frequent state of intense panic about the future.


Experiencing a strong sense of anger is a common symptom of grief.


For some time after experiencing a loss a feeling of disbelief that this loss occurred can be present.


Loss can trigger a feeling of not knowing what is going to happen, and we begin to question if we have control over anything.


Guilt is a complicated emotion with grief. Feeling if we just did things differently, perhaps the outcome would be different.

Support for Grief & Loss

We’re Here To Help

We understand that Grief can feel exhausting and never-ending. You’ve probably already tried things to help yourself but just can’t find anything that seems to help. At Ally Psych, we have several Bucks County therapists ready to help you move through your grief in a safe, comforting, and supportive way. We know this is a process and we don’t set any timelines for your healing. When You’re ready to start moving forward again, we’re ready to help.

You Have Questions, We have Answers

Common Questions about Grief & Loss

Grief can feel heavy and dark. Depression is one of the 5 Stages of Grief. Individuals who are grieving can feel a profound sense of sadness and loss, resulting in depression. It is important to be aware of what you are feeling. If the feeling becomes overwhelming and is affecting your daily functioning or ability to take care of yourself, it is time to reach out to a professional to help.
This is a common concern. People experiencing grief often worry about what will happen if they get triggered and start to break down in public. Working with a local therapist
Many symptoms can accompany grief. Depression, Mania, Anxiety, Agoraphobia, changes in eating and sleeping habits, pulling away from relationships, and anger. Allowing yourself to work through whatever it is you’re experiencing with a licensed therapist is critical.
The urge to make changes, big and small, in your environment when you are grieving is very common. Even though you may want to, experts recommend that individuals who are grieving not make any significant changes in their lives during the first year.
The five stages of grief are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. These stages may not happen in the order they are listed, and you may experience each stage multiple times. It is important to be patient and kind to yourself during this very difficult time.
Everyone handles grief differently, and some people are more comfortable around it than others. While you’re going through your own process, it is important to recognize your own needs and surround yourself with people that can support you.
It is very common to wonder if you will ever return to the enjoyment of life before your loss. Over time and after working through the grief, you should be able to enjoy your life again. Some clients have reported not wanting to feel better as it feels like they will forget their loved one(s) who passed away. They may feel guilty living a full life again, as if they are hurting the person who passed away. Holding onto grief for that reason can extend the grief. While there is no timeline for grieving, if you feel like you’d like to talk with a professional about your symptoms, Ally Psych is here to help.

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