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Sexual Health concerns can impact women and non-binary individuals born female at birth of any age after puberty. From concerns about your arousal, libido, or discomfort during intercourse, we are trained to help you address these intimate concerns.

We know that talking about your sexual health and how it relates to mental health can feel intimidating and even embarrassing. Therapists at Ally Psych are trained to help you feel as comfortable as possible with this important conversation.

Understanding What’s Going On

Your sexual and mental health are intimately connected. How stressed, anxious, depressed, or angry you are can impact your performance, mood, and comfort during sex. Other factors that impact your sexual health can include traumas or drug and alcohol use. We know this can be difficult to talk about and that many people are shamed for even bringing it up, but our Doylestown therapists at Ally Psych are trained to help you feel safe, comfortable, and in control every step of the way.

In case you’re wondering if this is something you should bring up to your therapist, here are some common signs and symptoms of Women’s Sexual Health concerns.

Signs & Symptoms of Women's Sexual Health Concerns

Low Libido/Sex Drive

You have an unusually low desire or urge to engage in sex and find that you’re seldom “in the mood.” This can be true even if you’re attracted to your partner and want to be in the mood.

Women's Health: Orgasmic Disorder

Female Orgasmic Disorder

A difficulty experiencing an orgasm and/or significantly decreased intensity of orgasmic sensations.

Women's Health: Genito Pelvic Pain

Genito-Pelvic Pain/Penetration Disorder

You may have difficulty having intercourse, experience pain in the Genito-pelvic region, have a fear of pain or penetration, and have tension in the pelvic floor muscles. This can occur even during arousal.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

You tend to feel exceedingly irritable, depressed, and anxious leading up to your period, which resolves at the onset of menses.

We’re Here To Help

We understand that your Sexual Health concerns can feel impossible to overcome. You’ve probably already tried to help yourself with reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and talking to friends. If you’re ready to take the next step and start enjoying life more fully, we’re here to help.

Questions about Women's Health

Live Life More Satisfied

Losing your sex drive, or Libido, can happen to anyone, including women and non-binary individuals assigned female at birth. There can be many reasons for this, including stress, trauma, anxiety, or depression. It’s important to speak with your gynecologist to rule out any organic or physical causes.
Many women experience pain during intercourse. It is important to understand the cause of the problem, whether it’s physical, mental, or both.
Many women experience this issue. Speaking with a therapist at Ally Psychological Services can help address underlying concerns and possible causes. It’s also important to speak with your physician or gynecologist and see if there are any medical causes.
Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) is a condition that causes intense sadness and a depressed state leading up to your period. Some women are affected for a few days before their period, and some are affected for two full weeks from ovulation until their period begins. Speaking to a trained therapist at Ally Psych can help.
There are several possible causes of pelvic floor issues, such as anxiety, trauma, or something organic. Talking with a therapist at Ally Psych and a pelvic floor specialist can help you with these issues

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