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How Can Addiction Treatment Help?

Everything feels more challenging when dealing with addiction — going to work, socializing with friends, dealing with family, or just being kind to yourself. Together, we will identify the root causes of your addiction. We’re going to uncover why you make the choices you make, and we’re going to teach you skills to make better decisions. We will work together to help you get back to living your life. We will help you overcome your addiction.

When done right, therapy for addiction works. At Ally Psych, we have licensed and specially trained addiction counselors who are judgement-free and here to help. Whether you’ve been experiencing addiction for weeks, months, or years, if you’ve been to rehab, or if this is your first go at recovery, therapy at Ally Psych can help.

We Treat the Whole Person,
Not Just Your Addiction

Treating the whole person means working with all parts of you, the good, the bad, and the uncomfortable. We celebrate your wins and help you through losses. We work on your goals as an individual and for your relationships. You'll notice the difference immediately when you work with our Doylestown professional addiction therapist. You’ll never be judged for your past or the decisions you’ve made. We trust your truth and believe that you’re the expert of your own life, just like you’re trusting us to be the experts on how to help you overcome your addiction.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Addiction Therapy

Each week (sometimes more than once a week), you’ll meet with your local addiction therapist in our Doylestown office or virtually. Together, you’ll build a working relationship and start to uncover the parts of yourself and the reasons you find yourself struggling with addiction.

Each session is 50-55 minutes long.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to therapy. Some people come in for a few weeks to develop a plan; others work with us for several months while they navigate recovery and their relationships with themselves and others.

While we’d love to work with the person struggling with addiction, it’s very common that they’re not ready to start. We recommend leading by example and scheduling an appointment yourself where we can help you navigate difficult conversations.

We are incredibly proud to say that we will work with any addiction as long as you’re willing to do the work to. Whether it’s substance use, alcohol, sex, porn, or gambling, we’re here to help.

No. Ally Psychological Services does not prescribe medication. If you are interested in exploring medication, we’re happy to refer you to trusted providers.