Improving Your Mental Health in the New Year

Like the vast majority of people, the past two years have probably taken a pretty significant toll on your mental health. Whether you’re experiencing increased anxiety, sadness or depression, frustration, isolation, or a host of other concerns, You’re. Not. Alone.

I am a realist though, and just because you know oodles of people that are going through their own mental health concerns and are in therapy (good for them), doesn’t mean it sucks any less for you. But you’re a badass! You’re strong, resourceful, insightful, resilient, and above else you want to get better. As my grandma would say, “you’re a tough cookie!”

And because you’re a certified badass wo wants to learn good coping skills that work, I created a list of things to do to help your mental health.

Tips to Help Your Mental Health

  1. Deep Breaths – Set aside 5 minutes 3 times during your workday where all you do is focus on slow and controlled breathing. Try 4 seconds in and 4 seconds out.
  2. Me Time – Give yourself permission to not be accessible to others. Set aside a 30 minute block of time each day where you turn your phone on silent and don’t answer any texts, emails, or calls.
  3. Email Away Messages – With the Work from Home (WFH) lifestyle in full swing, it’s super easy to let our work boundaries go. Instead, set a recurring away message on your email that starts when you’re done with work (typically between 5 and 6pm) and turns off when you typically start your day. Below is a sample of what you could put:

“Thank you for your email. I am currently out of the office for the remainder of the evening. I will respond to your email at my first opportunity tomorrow.”

  1. Therapy – If you’ve been wondering, “Should I start therapy?” the answer is probably “Yes.” You don’t need to be in a crisis or feel like things are horribly wrong for you to be in therapy. Sometimes, the best time to start is when things are calmer and steadier in your life so when shit does hit the fan, you’re already connected with someone you trust. Learn more about therapy in Bucks County, PA.


If this was helpful or you’d like to talk some more, please call or c0ntact us!